When I tell people that I’m vegan it’s usually followed with a slew of questions, why’d you do it, what do you hope to achieve? Why What How. and I would list the reasons I had repeated so many times before, that I had read a book, I don’t feel deserving of consuming flesh I wouldn’t take the life of, health, personal preference, and it would never be enough. There would always be another round of interrogation, until I was left with nothing to say. and it wasn’t even because there were no reasons, they just weren’t the reasons they were looking for.

I had never thought of turning around and questioning them over why they would choose to consume meat. Because now that I think about it, there aren’t any valid reasons apart from “it tastes good.” 

Necessity has been taken out of the equation, in that we do not require meat to sustain our life, we have very substantial substitutes easily available to us today and it’s known that vegans can life a healthy and sustainable lifestyle indefinitely. There have been no conclusive studies on quality of life, but from what I have personally experienced, since going vegan I’ve been more aware of the foods that I’m eating, I actively seek out good tasting food that’s also good for you. I’ve stopped eating just because something’s there and I feel much better for it. And to be honest, there isn’t really much more that I can think of to argue the point for meat eaters. 

From what I can assume, it seems that when I’m faced with these questions my answers have very little importance. They are just waiting for me to say that what I’m doing has no logical reasoning behind it. 

So I’m done trying to explain myself. If they don’t listen, that’s not my problem. I’m not trying to convert anyone, it’s too difficult, and I wouldn’t want to because just like how being vegan is my choice and right, eating meat is their choice and right, and I shouldn’t try to force them otherwise. 


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