Mindful Eating

I’ve been trying this thing called mindful eating.
It’s worked out for me very well these past few weeks but these past few days I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a bit. As I write this post my stomach is bloated and I can’t even completely do my yoga practice because my stomach is so flubby and just not feeling great. My throat is really dry. I’ve eaten brownies for lunch for the past two days. It’s an issue. I felt sick as heck last night at Steph’s party. I ate two pieces of backlava and it was quite terrible. I don’t know why I did that I need to reestablish my eating patterns. Eat good food in moderation. I’m not eating good food and I’m eating a bit too much of it. This morning I had three slices of toast with beans and avo and mushrooms and tomato and that was really nice I mean really nice, and I felt nourished and good afterward, but that brownie messed me up and at night I basically ate a whole meal of just sticky rice. I mean wot. Just sticky rice. Which is probably why I feel disgusting right now. My body can’t deal with it and I just want to go on a juice cleanse omg but I can’t because Dr. McVeagh would go off at me there’s just a lot of bad going on right now I eat because I want to compensate for later and before and that’s just the exact opposite of what mindful eating is all about and I just need to stop and be in tune with my body and not have all this shit going on omg. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.


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